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The Swedish song from Eurovision 2011 is a compilation of three oldies – VIDEO CLIP

After the first article published by, where we warned that the song „Popular„, submitted by Sweden at Eurovision 2011, is a plagiarism, we were contacted by several readers on Facebook and we’ve received new information about the song.

eric_saade_443The song „Popular„, signed by Fredrik Kempe, is actually a compilation of oldies with new lyrics added. The three songs that were the basis for the collage are: „Nightflingt to Venus” belonging to Boney M, „Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel, and „Oh Mama„, the Lili and Susie’s song.

Find out more about: „Exclusive. The song Popular representing Sweden at Eurovision 2011 is a cover.”

After receiving new information from the readers, made ​​a new video montage of the original songs and the counterfeit, which will represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest this year.

Popular” is sung by Eric Saade, 20 year old.

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