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The Hungary’s song for ESC 2011 is inspired by a rock melody – EXCLUSIVE VIDEO CLIP

Hungarians didn’t shown much originality this year when they chose the song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. „What About My Dreams„, sung by Katie Wolf, contains excerpts from the song „In Joy And Sorrow” written by the rock band HIM.

234kThe country governed by the extremist Viktor Orban comes at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with a pilferage. Part of the song is stolen. One of the melodic sequences of „What About My Dreams„, inserted twice in the musical composition, is similar to the main harmonic construction of the song „In Joy And Sorrow” written by HIM.

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The composers of „What About My Dreams” are Viktor Rakonczai and Gergő Rácz, the lyrics are written by Péter Geszti and Johnny K. Palmer, and the singer is Kati Wolf. Although, in the videoclip, the voice of Kati Wolf was modified very much in order to sound like Celine Dion, the singer’s real vocal qualities are quite pathetic. In the second video clip, posted below, you can listen to Kati Wolf singing live. To be chosen as the representative of Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, Katie Wolf had to sing the lyrics in Hungarian when the auditions took place.

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Hungary will participate in the 15th position in the First Semifinal, which will take place on May 10, 2011, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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