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The fans of Eurovision Song Contest ask the heads of EBU to resign, after excluding Romania


The Eurovision Song Contest’s fans request the resignations of Ingrid Deltenre, EBU Director General, and Jon Ola Sand, ESC Executive Supervisor.

romania-eurovision-resignationThe ESC fans are furious on the representatives of EBU and ESC, after excluding Romania from the contest and they ask for two resignations. Is the first time to be happening something like this in the history of the contest.

After announcing that Ovidiu Anton from Romania will sing in the second semifinal of the ESC, on 12th May 2016, a sad news angered the fans. The country was excluded from the contest overnight, because of a historic debt that TVR has to pay to EBU. As if EBU was not aware about this situation when they approved the National Selection from Romania, when the team from Sweden prepared the postcard for Romania and when the details for the staging were established between SVT and TVR.

“We, the fans of Eurovision Song Contest, request the resignation of Ingrid Deltenre, EBU Director General, and Jon Ola Sand, ESC Executive Supervisor”, it is written in a public petition started soon after the EBU’s decision.

“As fans of the show, we consider ourselves directly affected by this unfair decision. The change of rules took place in the middle of the game […] We were promised that Romania will be part of the second semi final and that the Romanian artist will perform during the show. We feel we were treated without respect by the EBU representatives and we were cheated in our expectations of a fair-play contest. Stop the arbitrary overnight decisions in regard to the EBU politics and ESC rules! Please Ingrid Deltenre and Jon Ola Sand, submit your resignations!”

This year, Romania was scheduled initially to take part in the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest with the performance of Ovidiu Anton, “Moment of Silence”.

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